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Motor Saver Product Reviews
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Outersaver on Losi 8ight 2.0  Javier M.V. (Angol, Chile)
Im running the outersaver prefilter on my 8ight 2.0, and im very pleased with it.
Really works awesome!!!, im running on very dusty tracks, without the saver each four or five tanks the engine performance lows , the running temps turn hot and can see a lot of garbage.
With your Outsaver my engine runs like a charm, very stable idle and great performance whern race against other buggies.
Now i change the airfilter every 10 or 12 tanks and the external only show 30% of dirt and the internal 100% clean.
very recomended stuff if you like win jejejeje!!!
Other very important point, the international service is great.

Thank you guys.!

Just plain awsome.  Clinton J. (Australia)

G'day Guys I just wanted to let you know that I have done my first full day of testing with the New Outersaver and filters that you sent me. All I can say Is wow.

I used one of your elements combined with the

outersaver on my Losi 8T.2 and the difference was phenominal I got Noticably increased Power also atleast 1-1.5 extra laps of run time wich is HUGE in an hour main It cuts one whole pit stop out for me wich creates a Huge advantage as others pull in to Pit Im still burning up the track.
The Bigger motorsaver filter you sent me I just a little to big to fit into my Losi truggy it's just touching the Break linkage But it fits verry Nicley in my Mugen truck so I am extreemly happy and really looking forward to the F.E.M.C.A Truggy worlds wich is being held At my home track (SCORC) in August.
I will be going to the track again for More testing and practice laps tomorow to get my race truggy (the Losi 8T.2) totally dialed for the upcomming F.E.M.C.A titles.
I Just wanted to Thank you guys for this oportunity wich has given me an extra advantage on the competition..
feedback on outer saver product  Adam L. (Australia)
I had the first racing event using your outer saver product on my Agama buggy. Wow! I am very impressed. The event was a two night trophy event and I kept a close eye on the condition of my oiled outer foam throughout the event. Not once did I have to clean it! The outer air filter stayed 90% clean(inner 100%) and I only felt I needed to clean your outer saver once, which was maintenance between the two nights. Straight away your product made my racing event easier.

My motor was absolutely flying! One of my mates whom watches my car frequently made comment to me how well my motor looks to be running. It's always hard to tell exactly why as there is various conditions for good motor performance as you know. The cold moist air makes a difference but I had recently (just weekend before) did some night racing at a different club and I am sure the motor wasn't running this well then. So the exact magnitude of extra performance the outer saver added is always going to be hard to tell for sure unless you do some controlled experiments/data logging, however I am convinced it added extra power as I have never experianced my motor with as much power! I have not witnessed my motor rev out so well down the end of the main straight. The motor was not starved of air at all at maximum rpm.

I am also very impressed with the quality of the outer saver product. Appears to be made from quality materials. I really like the tie method to attach the outer saver as your not left with long loose bits of string which usually always ends up in your brake/throttle linkage or worse, spur and bell gear. The small amount of string left easily and effectively tucks into the outer saver and not once the whole event did it fall out. I think the hole size for the mesh is almost perfect, was this determined through R&D testing? I raced on a pretty dirty dusty track and after my 30 minute A-main final the buggy was pretty filthy and you could see all the dirt that the outer saver had stopped. The motor had good power all the way to the checkered flag so I am extremely happy with this product and intend on running your outer saver from now on.

A few of my mates noticed the outer saver on my motor in the pits and made comment. They were very impressed, one of them asked where he could get one so I referred your URL to him. I also had a look at the truggy air filter you sent me and it too seems excellent. Would be great if there was an air filter to suit the low body design of my Agama buggy. Please let me take this opportunity to again, thank you, your company for the generous sponsorship and I look forward to continuing to race/endorse your product.

Here is the results from my Buggy A-main final [link removed].
Things came together nicely for me, I wonder how much the outer saver played it's part? ;D
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