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Motor Saver Product Reviews
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Jason L. (Ontario, Canada)
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Hi, I finally got a descant amount of run time on my trucks with the New Motorsaver Filters..... And they Are Great!!!

I took the Trucks out in some Fresh Snow last month (4 or 5 tanks on each Truck) and the Screen really seemed to Shed theSnow and Helped Keep the Foams Clean and Dry......

And I had the Trucks out today (For about a Half gallon) on the Street and in the Dead Grass & a Little Dirt......And I just Checked the Filters and they Still Look like New!!!

Anyway you Guys have a Winer with the New 09 Design Filter!!!

I can't say more about a Performance Difference as the Filters about the Same size at the Stock LST Filter & I do have the Trucks slightly on the Rich side as it's still a Little Cool here 8C today....

I posted some More Pics on that Thread I Linked to on lstforums.....I can e mail some to you as well if you like?

So Thanks Very Much for Letting me be a Tester!!!!
I have already have a few times now and will Continue to Spread the Word about the New Motorsavers Filters!!!!

I'm attaching a few pics for you too....
first 5 are from the Winter test,And the Last 5 are from today, Well over a Gallon in the Mud & on dusty dirt on the Filters.....Without Cleaning them...

Chad H. (Boerne, Texas)
This Chad H. I received sponsorship from you back in late
January and received the Motor Saver Filter system from you in late Febuary. Since have been using them, I have been recommending them to everyone I know. They have been excellent in reppeling dirt and last longer than every  filter I have used.I typically used one filter for two club races without changing them. The club races consisted of three qualifiers at 7 min each and a 20 min main. So I get an average of about an hour per filter in these racing condictions. This track is also watered after the first, second and third qualifiers. Now, this past weekend, I travelled to Austin for a series race. This track was watered at the very beggining of the race. It consisted of two quailiers at 7 min and a main at 25 min. I was able to continue to use the Motor  Saver Filter System the entire race with changing or cleaning it. Not to mention this track was a dust bowl, considering there was eighteen races in each qualifier for all the classes, with NO WATER. So this worked great and saved me time to work on other issues; tires, shocks and all around  setup.
Tye S. (St. Paris, Ohio)

I did the first testing of the filters on my truggy they seem to work great.

I am very happy with the air filters for my buggy and truggy.  I was amased how much the outer screen absorbed dirt.  The filters are way better than the losi ones.

Your filters have been working great for me in the past few weeks I made every A main since I have been running them on my buggy. They do a great job penetrating dirt.

Charles G. (Elyria, Ohio)

the big one you sent me works amzing in my truck

i like the power the filter make you can feel it 
over a normal mugen filter it has way more snap

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