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Outer Saver for Electric Motors - OS100E
Outer Saver for Electric Brushed and Brushless Motors
with vent holes

Helps to keep bearings, brushes and electronics from dust and moisture.
Comes with cord lock and drawstring for easy installation and removal.

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Part No. OS100E

We tested to see if a motor would run hotter
using an Outer Saver

  • We ran an oval test to try to eliminate as many variables as possible.
  • We set up 2 cones on an asphalt surface approximately 75 feet apart.
  • We attached a temperature sticker that is accurate within 1 degree to the outside of the motor.
  • We ran a buggy in an oval pattern for exactly 4 minutes without the Outer Saver and recorded the temperature.
  • We attached a new temperature sticker and repeated the same test with the Outer Saver installed.
  • The temperature sticker read the same with the Outer Saver on the motor as without.

There are many variables and many motor combinations, such as motor windings, gearing, batteries, tires, controllers, run-time, track conditions, driver, etc. These can all contribute to varying the motor temperature. Check motor temperature frequently for your motor setup.

Custom lengths and diameters can be made upon request.

Temperature Stickers


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